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Can Windows 10 Save Your Company Time & Money?

Learn How These Hidden Creators Edition Windows 10 Features Will Save You Time and Money

Are you looking for hidden tips, tricks, and features to help you advance your business cause? We’ve got some great ones lined up for you here. And, we’re talking about the Creators Edition of Windows 10 here, which was released in April 2017. Read on, and discover many hidden Windows 10 features from the Creators Edition which will surely pique your fancy!

Microsoft has rolled out a ton of updates for Windows 10 in the past year. There has been the Anniversary Update, the Creators Update, and now, the Fall Creators Update.

And now, SSE Network Services has compiled an e-book called Windows 10 Creators Edition Tips and Tricks which you will want to download, read, and apply to your business life.

In our e-book, you will find such tips and shortcuts as:

  • How to Confirm Your Version of Windows 10
  • The Top Windows 10 Creators Update Shortcuts
  • How to Always Show File Extensions in the File Explorer
  • How to Get Rid of Ads in Your Start Menu
  • How to Change the Name of Your Computer, and much more!

Windows 10 Super-Quick Tricks

Our Windows 10 Super-Quick Tricks, secret features and hidden features include things many Windows users don’t know about. They will have you leveraging the most ROI out of your Windows 10 Creators Edition purchase.

These Windows 10 Super-Quick Tricks include:

  1. How to minimize all windows except the active one.
  2. How to quickly open the Properties Menu.
  3. Pinning the Recycle Bin to the Start Menu.
  4. How to Scroll any Window.
  5. How to Group Folders Within the start Menu.
  6. Auto-Securing your PC when you step away from it.
  7. One-Stop Windows 10 Troubleshooting.
  8. Automated Windows 10 Disk Cleanup.
  9. Controlling Taskbar Apps with Keyboard Shortcuts.
  10. Making the Most of Your Privacy Options.

Desktop Shortcuts

Some of these Windows 10 features include desktop shortcuts that may or may not already be usable in Windows 10 Anniversary or even Windows 7, but our e-book will bring everyone up to date on exactly how to use the Windows 10 desktop shortcuts to their best advantage.

We’ll also show you some key Virtual Desktop Shortcuts to also save you plenty of time, like keyboard tricks for:

  • Creating a new virtual desktop
  • Switching to the previous virtual desktop
  • Switching to the next virtual desktop
  • Closing the current virtual desktop

These hidden Windows 10 features might be limited to the Anniversary Update or Creators Update, or be available on both. We have compiled this guide for those running Windows 10 Creators Update.

Some other Windows 10 Anniversary and Creators Edition tricks not found in this version of our e-book include how to:

  1. Automatically Lock Your PC (Dynamic Lock)
  2. Free Up Storage via Storage Sense
  3. Set up and Schedule Night Light
  4. Get Phone Notifications on Windows with Cortana App
  5. Use Steps Recorder
  6. Use Sticky Notes with Insights
  7. Use Emojis in Windows
  8. Enable Bash Shell for Linux Commands

Read enough and want to download our e-book on hidden Windows 10 features that will save you time and money? Want to contact us? Call (314) 439-4700 to speak to a certified SSE Network Services IT professional or email us at sales@sseinc.com now!

Contemporary Technical Support Solutions

Due to the increased reliance on automation in 2017, SSE Network Services’ tech support team has risen to the challenge to incorporate automated systems into the monitoring and management of IT systems.

Our IT solutions – such as our e-book on using all the available Windows 10 features – are designed to help you reach your business goals in terms that executive team members with little to no experience in IT can understand and benefit from.

Timely Assessments. Your business will receive an end-to end, top-to bottom evaluation – from your network infrastructure through your security measures to your cloud solutions and more. This way, we can see if there is room for improvement, and how you can take action.

Future Planning. We will monitor and secure your network, maintain and optimize your equipment, back up your data get you well-prepared for disaster. This will handle relative your short-term IT strategizing.

Experience Counts

For 35 years, we’ve been helping St. Louis businesses like yours master their IT networks and hardware and software issues with more proactive and conscientious management. Our many satisfied clients have allowed us to say that we’re one of Missouri’s leading computer support companies.

With SSE, you’ll never get hidden fees, or unplanned or unnecessary upgrades – just a common-sense approach designed to make the entire process as viable and beneficial for your company as possible.

Ready to Save Time and Money?

We help St. Louis businesses manifest better connectivity, increase productivity, and operate with 100% IT confidence – saving them incalculable time and money.

If you’re looking for winning IT solutions in St. Louis like our Windows 10 tips and tricks for optimum productivity, contact us at sales@sseinc.com or at (314) 439-4700 to speak to a certified SSE Network Services IT professional and/or get started right away.

And remember to download our e-book on hidden Windows 10 features that will help save your St. Louis business both time and money!

Written by SSE Networks on September 11th, 2017.

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