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Technology Review

Looking to leverage the most out of your IT resources?  Our in-depth technology review of your business is the perfect fit for your business goals and needs!

Our team will meet with your internal teams to review and assess the current situation of your business environment, systems and processes to ensure you’ve got the right technology for your business needs.  Also, we’ll identify any areas that may need to be improved and provide the right recommendations to improve them.

Our in-depth review and assessment provides a structured method of evaluating your overall business in order to gain in-depth knowledge of your business and help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.  The assessment includes the following:

Identify your current state:   Network Assessment & Gap Analysis

  • Statistical analysis based upon industry best practices provides insights to measuring and analyzing performance of all servers, network components and workstations to ensure they are meeting business requirements.
  • An in-depth review to identify the necessary tools and capabilities are in place to support the existing user base and to uncover what is missing in comparison to industry standards.

Identify your required state:  Team Requirements

  • A “Meeting of the Minds” to identify and prioritize management team goals and strategic objectives. Here we’ll also distinguish key individuals whose uptime and access to the network is crucial to daily operations.
  • A “High Tech” discussion with your internal IT team to understand the current support approach and processes, and determine if they have the right people and support tools in place for what is required of them.
  • A “User Survey” to capture current employee satisfaction ratings on technology as it is being used in your business, including: (1) performance and reliability; (2) user support from your internal team; and (3) training. Additionally, it captures core user needs with options for comments.

Plan for your future state:  Aligning Technology with Business Goals

  • We will use this in-depth assessment to properly prioritize a plan, budget and a proposed timeline to address and resolve identified challenges via internal resources or project outsourcing to ensure your business thrives.
  • You’ll receive full, detailed reporting of all findings identified through our IT team’s assessment matched with industry specific recommendations to manage and grow your business.

Call us now at 314.439.4700 or send us an email at info@SSEinc.com to discuss the details on how to start leveraging the most out of your technology now!  Start improving business operations and productivity today!

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