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We’ve compiled some helpful resources below. Feel free to download, save and share them with your colleagues!


Data Backup

  • “Wanted – Backup Tape Users”
  • “Is Your Data Backup Method Becoming Extinct”

Moving to the Cloud?

  • Part I: “The Cloud Got You Feeling Foggy?”
  • Part II: “Let the Light Shine Thru”
  • Part III: “Finding the Right Fit”

IT Security

  • Malware on the Upswing in 2015
  • “A Surge and a Shift: Businesses Beware”
  • “Yikes! Cyber Attacks Shift Toward Small Businesses”
  • “70% of Security Attacks Originate Inside Your Office”

Internal IT

  • “Is the Lone IT Guy Drowning in SMBs?”
  • “We Have A Guy Who Does That”

IT Budgeting

  • “Tight Economy Forced a Hold on IT Spending? Now What?”
  • IT Budget Got Your Stomach in Knots?
  • Are Small Businesses Paying Too Much for IT?

Mobile Device Management

  • “How One Word Changed The Technology Landscape”
  • “Mobile Device Security For Small Businesses”

How do you know if IT outsourcing is right for you? Here is an article that highlights some benefits. Or give us a call! We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Network Security Presentation: Why a Firewall Isn’t Enough Anymore


It’s true, cyber crime has become an everyday reality for business owners. In virtually every newspaper or magazine we pick up today, we find a new story detailing a big IT security breach at a public corporation or government entity. And now, hackers are shifting their focus to smaller businesses. Why? Simple – it’s an easier target!

We’ve got a detailed presentation that shows all the latest patterns of threats for 2014 and the top mistakes businesses make when it comes to network security. Plus, it includes the Top 12 steps you can implement in your business to help protect your network. Request your copy today by clicking the link below!

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Business Continuity: What You Need To Know to Avoid Costly Downtime and STAY in business

Nobody wants to think about a disaster occurring to their business, but in reality, they do and not just tornados - several threats can make your business come to a screeching halt. To better prepare local businesses in the area should a disaster strike, SSE Network Services has prepared a presentation detailing what business need to know to help keep their business running during and after a disaster. The presentation details the risks requiring mitigation in any disaster recovery scenario, top mistakes most businesses make, and key components to any Business Continuity Plan. Request your copy now by clicking the link below!

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