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Ransomware Viruses Hit Businesses Harder and More Frequently Than Ever Before

SSE Inc. urges local professionals to be informed, prepared and vigilant against the most recent trends in cybercrime.

The need for strong cybersecurity has been on the radar and in the playbooks of serious companies and their executives for many years now. However, recent advancements in a particularly virulent strain of malware called “ransomware” have made even forward-thinking CIOs sit up and take notice.

Ransomware is a dangerous trend in malware viruses that invades and encrypts all business data. Once the information is encrypted it is essentiality ‘held hostage’ and is completely irretrievable. Ransomware criminals then use a communications portal within the virus itself to demand that the user pays a significant amount of money to “unlock” or unencrypt the files. Usually, these criminals are professional, swift and can transmit this vicious malware through infected email attachments as well as other points of access.

Ransomware attacks hit institutions and businesses hard – and it’s happening right here in St. Louis. In fact, early this year, the St. Louis Public Library was hit by a wide-spread ransomware attack, which affected access to library machines and data at all 17 branches across the city. The cyber criminals demanded a $35,000 ransom to restore access, but the forward-thinking IT staff at the library had the entire server proactively backed up. Their team of tech experts did a complete wipe of the existing server and were able to start fresh by restoring everything from back-up. Luckily, the ransom didn’t have to be paid and no personal data or financial details were exposed. However, even though the library was prepared, the attack has left many St. Louis institutions on guard and looking for the most strategic ways to stay vigilant.

SSE Inc. is determined to help arm St. Louis professionals with the knowledge and resources necessary to stay protected. SSE has long been at the forefront of building awareness about these threats and keeping their clients protected against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber-criminal activity. Unfortunately, today’s attacks are more sophisticated and malicious than ever before. Additionally, they’re also getting harder to prevent and detect, which is why SSE is always on the lookout for the most dynamic and strategic security options available for business owners.

In fact, SSE Inc. is so committed to being a strategic cyber security partner for St. Louis professionals, they recently became certified as an official Datto Global Partner. Datto is a leader in providing excellent business continuity and disaster prevention & recovery solutions for businesses across every industry. Datto business continuity solutions include a variety of ways to help business owners stay proactive, protected and productive including both software and cloud options.

The latest innovation from Datto – SIRIS 3 – is a data protection platform that boasts the industry’s first ever ransomware detection capability. When ransomware is detected, SIRIS 3 notifies administrators so they can roll-back to a pre-ransomware state. This saves businesses from forking over costly ransoms to criminals and minimizes downtime created by the hack.

As a Datto Global Partner, SSE Inc. is connected with limitless information and resources to help their clients determine which solutions will work best for them. SSE Inc. is passionate about uncovering innovations like Datto’s SIRIS 3, and connecting their customer base with proactive and protective tech power. In cybersecurity, it’s all about staying one step ahead of the cybercriminals and Datto’s SIRIS 3 is the ransomware watchdog that every business needs.

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about the increasing prevalence of ransomware and the critical importance of proactive cyber security, don’t hesitate to reach out to Greg Thornton at SSE, Inc. A quick interview can help connect your audience with the dynamic IT experts and cybersecurity partners they need to keep data protected.


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Written by SSE Networks on March 22nd, 2017.

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