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SSE Inc. Exhibits Quick and Effective Support Capability During Banking Client’s Onsite Audit

The Situation: While SSE Inc. was onsite at a banking client’s firm to take part in an annual audit, the client experienced a server failure. 

The server is the backbone of any given business, and in the financial industry, it is an especially crucial facet of a firm’s IT infrastructure. While discussing monitoring alerts with the SSE Inc. team during the audit, the client experienced a server failure. Our team immediately set to work to bring it back online.

Banking Computer Support

The Solution:  SSE Inc. troubleshot and resolved the offline server with ease.

While in the conference room, with auditors present to witness the effectiveness of our troubleshooting process, SSE was able to successfully resolve the issue. Thanks to our proven monitoring solution, our team brought the server back online with minimal downtime or client impact.

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Written by SSE Networks on November 6th, 2016.

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