Did you know that your business in St. Louis is being targeted by cybercriminals right now?

And, did you know that when it comes ransomware, your employees are the biggest risk to your business?

The odds are that at least one employee will click on ANYTHING. And, if just one employee clicks on a malicious link, you can lose EVERYTHING!

Ransomware and other malware scams are at epidemic proportions.

Gone are the days of getting those ridiculous emails where “your long-lost uncle, a Nigerian Prince,” wants to send you a million dollars if you just click a link.

Today’s cybercriminals are smarter than this. Their ransomware phishing emails are realistic and believable. The odds of being fooled into clicking a malicious link are great. Pentagon Data Breach Shows Growing Sophistication of Phishing Attacks.

Small businesses like yours are extremely vulnerable to ransomware attacks. It causes significant downtime, data loss, financial costs, and damages the reputation of every business it touches.

Cybercriminals don’t care if you’re a one-man shop, a small business, or a national corporation. Every business in St. Louis is at risk and everyone is a target.

We invite you to join Ransomware Protection expert Michael Depalma, who protects all sizes of companies from data loss due to ransomware.

You’ll learn in just 30 minutes how to protect your company from ever losing data and being victimized from ransomware.

Reserve your seat using the form on this page.

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