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Don’t Rely on In-House Techs. Your Manufacturing Company Must Run Cash-Flow Positive. To Do This You Need the Expertise of an Information Technology Managed Service Provider (MSP).

To run “cash-flow positive,” and effectively compete with offshore companies, you need the expertise of an IT MSP who understands manufacturing. 

Information Technology Manufacturing

North American manufacturing companies like yours have experienced eroding margins and fierce competition from foreign companies over the past years. You operate in one of the most competitive, highly specialized industries in the world. Success in manufacturing requires top-performing technologies and computerized equipment that improves your time to market (TTM). To do this, you need the expertise of an IT MSP.

The Right MSP Will Ensure a Proper IT Strategy That Is Customized for Your Manufacturing Company.

An IT Strategy focuses on your business goals and how to attain them through technology. It improves your efficiencies, productivity, security and communications, and it aligns IT with your overall business plan.

Your MSP will help you develop a customized IT strategy. During the process, they will consider the following, and how they can support your manufacturing business goals now and into the future.

Data Security: With ever-increasing threats from cybercrime, your manufacturing business requires risk assessments, data protection, data recovery, staff awareness training, and maximum security of your critical data. You must be able to backup, protect and recover your proprietary and confidential information. To do this, you should outsource your disaster recovery and backup solutions to an expert MSP who will analyze your current state of preparedness, and offer guidance on potential courses of action.

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: You must be able to recover data from a disaster, and when IT services are compromised. This requires backing up data to a secure, offsite location so it can be retrieved anywhere you have an Internet connection. This way, your employees can continue working even if they can’t come into the office. The right MSP will:

  • Develop and deploy a complete Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, a customized program to integrate the policies and procedures into your corporate culture, and training sessions to ensure all employees are comfortable with procedures.
  • Maintain an on-going program designed to ensure the validity of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, and keep the plan up to date and communicated to all key personnel.

Security Enhancement Via Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance: The right MSP provides continuous monitoring to remotely view your network, identify risks and halt cyberattacks and breaches. They will address IT issues before they cause downtime or data loss.

Identity and Access Management: They will help you comply with security and regulatory requirements, allowing only authorized individuals to access confidential information.

Optimization and Consolidation: They will optimize your IT infrastructure; analyze and resolve any inefficiencies in your existing IT, and consolidate resources and operations to improve your efficiencies and reduce costs.

IT Budget and Cost Control: Your MSP will provide budgeting and cost-control processes that define and implement IT service, support and equipment-procurement strategies to achieve your company’s goals while eliminating unnecessary expenditures.

Efficient Use of Cloud Computing: Manufacturing businesses require appropriately hosted cloud solutions, along with scalable access to resources, applications, and services. Software as a Service (such as Microsoft Office 365) uses cloud computing to deliver a single request to multiple users in any location, rather than to use the traditional one-application-per-desktop. This provides scalability of resources as your manufacturing business grows, and can reduce the need for costly hardware and software.

File Sharing: Parts of your manufacturing business tap into the same services and resources. With secure file sharing, authorized employees can collaborate more efficiently on projects by sharing, accessing and editing files in real time.

IT Mobility: With the BYOD (bring your device) trend, your staff can work from home or on the road. When implemented in a secure fashion by your MSP, BYOD enhances your productivity and employee satisfaction. They will use applications, support, ownership, security, communication issues, and mobile policies to ensure your mobile workforce is always productive and secure—Ones that provide safe and simple access to data, tools, and applications, from any location.

Virtualization—Servers, Desktop, Storage, Applications, Data Center: Virtualization in technology refers to the utilization of virtual servers, desktops, storage devices, applications, and computer network resources. It allows you to virtualize your entire IT infrastructure or specific aspects of it. Virtualization simplifies technology to promote efficiencies and reduce costs for your manufacturing business.

Legacy Application Modernization/Renovation: Legacy application modernization is refactoring, re-purposing, or consolidation software that allows you to align IT with your plan of activities, or for future needs. This way, you benefit from the advantages of new development without the risk and cost of replacing legacy systems.

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Your MSP will help you use a variety of software applications to analyze your business’s raw and big data. Business analytics software process explores and investigates your manufacturing business’s data with emphasis on statistical analysis.

Help You Effectively Manage Vendors. Your MSP will help you manage your vendors using the latest technology. They can measure their effectiveness according to your criteria, and help you find the best suppliers or vendors according to your specifications.

Ensure Your Customers’ Needs Are Met: Most manufacturing customers want to search online for the components and parts you provide. Your customers should be able to research products online before contacting you by using an:

  • E-commerce Solution
  • Faceted Search, and
  • Ease of Data Integration.

You need an engaging website with proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to find products easily—One that’s fast and intuitive. Your MSP will help you continually stay ahead of your customers’ needs, and the ever-evolving selection and buying process.

The right MSP will provide the competitive advantage you need. They understand the IT operations and requirements of your manufacturing business and the obstacles you face. They will also be available 24/7 to provide the specialized and customized IT Service and Support you need to succeed.   

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Written by SSE Networks on April 28th, 2017.

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