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Malware is on the Upswing in 2015!

A Panda Security article dated November 24, 2014 stated this: “Malware figures beat records with more than 20 million new samples identified in the third quarter of the year.”

And we haven’t seen any type of slowdown so far in 2015.  From the latest rave of Ransomware to Viruses to Spyware, various types of malware seem to be an ever-increasing threat to businesses.  But how can you possibly protect your business against these new and changing types of malware?

A layered security defense along with USER EDUCATION should be one of your top business priorities in 2015!  To help kickstart your user education, download our lastest article here that explains the most common types of malware.  Be sure your users know what these are and HOW to protect against them.  After all, one wrong click by just one person could cost your company BIG TIME!

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Written by Gregory Thorton on March 2nd, 2015.

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