IT Security Training

Empowering Your Staff to Defend Your Systems


Turn human error into a valuable learning experience for your team.

Take care of existing security issues and stay vigilant. The evolving world of online, internal and physical computer safety may seem like a mystery, but it’s up to your business to seek continuous security advice and adapt your current systems with the latest protections.

SSE’s IT security consultants combine real world troubleshooting experience and specialized expertise to find the best risk mitigation strategies for your particular needs. We help you stay adaptive in an environment of surfacing threats and security challenges.

How Our IT Security Training Can Help

01.Threat Awareness

Raise awareness about existing threats. It’s not uncommon for your staff to be completely clueless about the most common hacking tactics.

02.Pinpoint Vulnerabilities

Be precise with your security. Give your staff the chance to take a closer look at gaps and empower them to use tech with confidence.

03.Safer Browsing

Does your team go out on a limb each time they browse the web? Not all websites are safe for work, and new threats surface every day.

04.Security Protocols

What’s the protocol? Like a fire drill, security processes help your team learn new ways to detect and react to suspicious activity.

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What Seems to Be the Problem?

Managed IT Services

Leave IT to us. With monitoring and updates, networks and servers, and sound advice from our experts, consider your technology covered.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Stay in the loop. Our backup solutions and collaboration tools help your staff communicate and ensure a quick recovery in times of crisis.

Managed IT Security Services

Why are you afraid? We help you pinpoint threats, assess security risks and provide ongoing patches that stop criminals in their tracks.

IT Training & Consulting

Minimize the chaos. What you don’t know will hurt your business, so prepare your team with the advice, guidance and training they need.

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