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IT Services In St. Louis

SSE Network Services Serves the Greater St. Louis Area and Beyond

SSE Network Services has been serving St. Louis and the surrounding area for over 30 years, partnering with businesses to provide the IT support they need to more effectively use and manage technology to improve their bottom line.   We’re located in the Westport area and work with companies stretching as far west as Warrenton, MO to as far east as Trenton, IL and everything north, south and in between!

Better than Break/Fix

A lot of St. Louis businesses try to save a little money by forgoing any type of IT support until they absolutely need it when something breaks.  Despite what may look like short term gains, this approach will actually cost you in the long run.  Overtime such neglect will lead to downtime through eventual hardware failures and malware infections, forcing your employees to miss assignments and delay projects.  Ultimately, you may have a lot more difficulty meeting your revenue goals while you put out fires that could have been avoided.

With our proactive approach to technology, SSE Network Services regularly assesses the status of your IT environment and works with you to map out a budgeted plan for upgrading or replacing hardware before it fails.  We’ll also keep your network and systems up-to-date with necessary patches and help detect any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your network before cybercriminals can take advantage.

Managing your Backup Solution to Protect You from Disaster

Losing your company and client data to a disaster (hardware…., etc) would be devastating to your bottom-line. By setting up an effective backup solution, we’ll protect your livelihood and your data

More than Just Day-to-Day

We want to do more than just prevent disaster and improve short-term productivity: we want to help you grow. That’s why we perform tri-annual Business and Technology Reviews (BTRs); we’ll work with you to define your goals and map out every step between where you are now and where you want to be; then we’ll show you how technology can be used to help you get there!

Looking for an IT solution in St. Louis? You won’t find a better option than SSE Network Services.

Give us a call at (314) 439 -_4700 or send a message to info@SSEinc.com for more information about our IT services in St. Louis.

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