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SSE Network Services Protects Your Network from Hundreds of Millions of New Viruses and Malware that are Created Every Year

IT Security Services In St. Louis

You hear about business like Target and Home Depot getting hit with cyberattacks, and indeed they have, losing tens of millions of customer credit card numbers and email addresses each in their respective high-profile attacks last year.

But despite businesses of that size being the only ones to make headlines, it’s actually smaller organizations that are receiving more attention from cybercriminals, with SMBs being the target of 60% of all cyberattacks in 2014.

So, now you know you’re targeted, but how do you keep your SMB protected? You’ve got a business to run and can’t worry about these potential attacks on a daily basis too…

SSE Network Services provides the expert guidance you need to help avoid potential threats out there, and there’s plenty out there, as according to Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report over 317 million new pieces of malware were created in 2014 alone.

Keeping Your Data Secure, Saving You from Costly Attacks

SSE Network Services uses a number of different techniques, including ESET Anti-Virus included with our monthly monitoring, spam filtering, email encryption, and business-class firewalls (Cisco ASA, SonicWall), to protect you from the hundreds of millions of pieces of malware that threaten your network.

But what does protecting you from these threats actually do for your bottom line?

Let’s say your network is infected and that results in a security breach; the financial consequences are absolutely devastating!  Not only could you lose hours upon hours of work and productivity: losing your valued client’s information that was stored on your network opens you up to costly class-action lawsuits and regulatory fines and most likely a tarnished reputation moving forward in what was supposed to be a trusted partnership.

We perform proactive assessments of your IT infrastructure to allow us to find and fix vulnerabilities before cybercriminals take advantage, saving you from potential downtime, costly fines and the damaging reputation that goes with it.

Your sensitive data is safe in the hands of SSE Network Services.

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