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IT Project Management

Technology Projects Falling Behind Schedule?

We know how much work is put in to the constant maintenance of your IT systems just to keep your daily operations going at your business.  Most often your team is putting out fires, rather than working on the big technology projects that could move your business ahead.  Technology shouldn’t be a chore just to maintain, it should help you with your daily tasks and long term goals. To ensure that your IT infrastructure is optimized for your needs on any project, we offer a variety of technology project services. Whether you’re looking for additional support or total project management, we can help your business in variety of ways, including:

Network Infrastructure Upgrades:

The tech at your business can fall behind the times in only a matter of years!  What do I need to buy now so my employees have the right resources?  What kind of licensing is required?  Instead of spending your time and other resources on research, we can oversee the entire process for you. SSE Network Services can help you select, upgrade and deploy IT systems or software with as little inconvenient downtime as possible. We even specialize in upgrades with Microsoft Windows (Exchange or Office), Telecommuting and Remote Access Solutions and Mobile Telecommunications.

Data Migrations:

The process of moving your business’ valuable data can be daunting given what’s at stake. One wrong move can mean expensive data loss, but with our help, you can ensure a safe transition. We can oversee your data migration (including hardware installation) to ensure a smooth process so that no files are out of place on your new system.


Regardless of the size of your business, servers and other IT hardware take up valuable space and are expensive to acquire and maintain. Instead of scaling up your physical IT resources as your small business grows, do more with less by virtualizing your computer systems. Our virtualization service can help you get the most out of the servers you already have, creating virtual machines that require no extra physical space while operating reliably and conveniently. Furthermore, virtualization means less overhead and operating costs in your business’ IT budget. Instead of upscaling the number of servers and space necessary to support your growing company, virtualization uses as few servers as possible to create efficiency for your business.

Technology Relocation Services:

Transitioning to a new office is an expensive prospect, and each extra day of downtime only costs you more. In order to minimize downtime we can support the transition, from site planning to consultation with cabling vendors and even installation and configuration on the day of the move. Take the stress out of moving your company by letting SSE Network Services plan ahead for your IT needs.

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