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What would you do if your I.T. administrator quit on you?

I.T. is complicated.

It’s the kind of thing that you just expect to work when you go into the office each day. Your computer should turn on without any problems, your email should work without any delays, etc.

Most people would prefer not to have to think about it at all. That’s why you hire people to do it for you; engineers, help desk support, administrators, etc. With them handling your I.T., you and the rest of your staff can focus on their work without unnecessary distractions or complications.

IT Administrators Quits

But what if, out of the blue, your I.T. administrator quit? What would you do then?

It can happen. Just recently, SSE Inc. was contacted by a St. Louis business whose I.T. admin just up and quit on them without warning.

This person knew everything about their I.T.; how it worked, what hardware was new, what hardware would need to be replaced soon, when the software was last updated… the list goes on.

Without them, the business was lost when it came to I.T.

That’s why they called us.

This business knew they could trust SSE Inc to help them out in their time of need because we’re the preferred I.T. support partner in St. Louis. They needed I.T. support that could quickly learn their environment inside and out, keep it up and running, and address any other issues that come with the sudden transition of losing their I.T. admin.

This is what we do. The fact is, most I.T. companies don’t make it past 5 years, but we’ve been around for over 30; you don’t stay in business for that long by accident.

So what will you do if your IT support changes without warning? Don’t struggle with something you’re not prepared to handle. Reach out to SSE Inc. right away at (314) 439 -_4700 or info@sseinc.com.

Written by SSE Networks on February 20th, 2017.

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