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Third time’s the charm for financial firm’s quest to find a trusted IT partner.

St. Louis IT SupportAfter experiencing unsatisfactory results from lower-cost providers, First Integrity Mortgage Services chose SSE Network Services to address their IT issues. SSE delivers a fully managed proactive solution that has provided them with massive ongoing benefits.

First Integrity Mortgage Services is an independent, mortgage-banking firm based in St. Louis. They employ close to 50 staff members and as the business has grown so has their IT infrastructure. With this growth came the realization that it would be more cost-effective to outsource their IT functions rather than hire internally. By outsourcing, they could reap the benefits of a team of experts rather than rely on the knowledge and expertise of a singular person. The quest began to find a trusted IT partner.

First Integrity initially decided to work with a local IT company that would help resolve concerns on an as-needed basis. Issues continued to arise, but it was decided that the existing IT “pain” was not greater than the cost of switching to a fully managed provider, so they stayed with their current firm.

As the response time from their existing firm slowed, First Integrity began their search for a fully managed St. Louis IT support partner.  They narrowed down their choices to two local firms and decided on the cheaper option.

Unfortunately, as the partnership with the new service provider progressed it confirmed the old adage that “you get what you pay for”. Response time to fix issues was extremely long and the lackadaisical effort put toward critical issues, especially in the financial world, was unacceptable. When First Integrity was struck with major viruses due to lapsed security measures, they knew it was time to look for a more professional and reputable IT company.

The Situation: A St. Louis-based mortgage firm requires the right outsourced IT partner. 

After their poor experiences with lower cost providers, First Integrity chose the model they felt best suited their needs. SSE Network Services was then selected as their trusted IT partner.

SSE initially assessed their network infrastructure and the software applications that First Integrity used to fully understand the needs and aims of their business model.

“The entire upfront process of transitioning to SSE was exceptional compared to the two other firms we worked with in the past,” says First Integrity Vice President Joe Bayer Jr.

“The meticulous way they investigated, researched, tested and really learned how our network supports the daily operations of our business before they ever touched anything was tremendous.”

SSE met with several key staff members and users to identify ongoing technology support challenges and recurring concerns. From these assessments, SSE was able to identify issues that were not in line with current IT best practices. They also found areas that could be improved and potential security vulnerabilities that needed to be addressed to protect private and critical customer data. Recommendations were given on how to stabilize the network infrastructure for daily operations and what might be required for future growth.

With the approved recommendations, SSE completed its development and testing phase and deployed new technology into the current operational environment. SSE then integrated its proprietary monitoring and network management tools, the Pretechtsm system, with First Integrity’s network and computer systems in order to provide ongoing proactive network support.  The ongoing support includes 24/7 performance monitoring, maintenance, security, troubleshooting/resolution and annual technology reviews to plan for future business needs and ensure IT alignment with the firm’s overarching goals.

The Solution: Choosing SSE for fully comprehensive and proactive IT service.

First Integrity has been delighted with the improvements to their IT performance since bringing SSE onboard as its managed service provider.

“SSE’s care in understanding our business needs truly brought peace of mind that we finally found the right IT partner,” says Joe Bayer Jr. 

Partnering with SSE has provided the mortgage firm with many benefits, including:

  • Reliable Support – First Integrity no longer has to worry about slow reaction times or ineffective security with SSE’s proactive support and monitoring.
  • Increased Productivity – With SSE actively identifying and resolving issues before they impact the business, downtime due to support needs is kept at a minimum.
  • Improved Infrastructure Design – SSE’s understanding of how technology impacts the daily operations of the mortgage firm allowed them to improve the existing network infrastructure for optimal performance and redundancy for critical components.

“As a business owner, I appreciate that SSE Network Services keeps my staff operating like a precision machine. I am very happy we made the switch to SSE,” says President Joe Bayer Sr.

SSE Network Services is a client-focused partner delivering outstanding IT support. Contact us right away at (314) 439-4700 or info@SSEinc.com so we can help you find the best solutions to suit your unique technology needs.

Written by SSE Networks on March 13th, 2017.

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