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How Much Damage Could Businesses Without Disaster Recovery in St. Louis Suffer?

Without a secure and airtight disaster recovery plan, the damage incurred from power outages, server failures, and data center downtime is too great to overcome and the companies that suffer such IT disasters can’t recover. Many of these companies eventually go out of business completely. All evidence that having a disaster recovery plan in St. Louis is a critical business need.

What is the current statistics on disaster recovery planning?

According to an NFIB National Small Business Poll, man-made disasters affect 10 percent of all small businesses, and a staggering 30 percent have been impacted by natural disasters. A simple power outage could put your whole business at risk. In fact, research by the University of Texas has shown that only 6 percent of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss survive, 43 percent never reopen, and 51 percent close within two years.

What are some of the other reasons for having a sound disaster recovery plan in place?

Here are some of the top reasons to have disaster and data recovery plans in place:

  1. Human error. Often times the best way to prevent human error is in process improvements and quality assurance activities. A disaster recovery plan that incorporates checking and double checking is often the best remedy, along with online backups.
  2. Failures of machines and hardware. While modern IT hardware is somewhat resistant to failures, most devices fall well short of “perfection”. No user is immune to hard disk or internet connection failures. While it can be costly for your company to eliminate any single point of failure in your IT infrastructure, having a disaster recovery plan that does this is the only way to prevent hardware failures that will interrupt your service or cause costly data loss.
  3. Your customers are relying on you. New regulatory compliance standards have not only force companies to be more transparent and accountable, but your customers are watching you closely now. And, with increased industry competition come lower prices, better service, and less forgiving customers. Most customers demand perfection because they know that if your company can’t provide it, the next competitor in line is ready to give it their best shot to win the business. It’s imperative not to give your customers a reason to leave because of something preventable like an outage in service.

How can we get to that place of perfection, or near-perfection in disaster prevention?

Get a hold of an SSE Network Services agent and we’ll confer with you and begin designing you the perfect disaster avoidance system, aka golden disaster recovery plan your St. Louis business requires.

Great! How do we contact you to do this?

Contact us by phone at 314.439.4700 or email us at sales@sseinc.com to get started receiving the guidance that will help you avoid the costly damage that sinks many business entities, with our solid St. Louis disaster recovery planning and business continuity technology solutions.

Written by SSE Networks on June 26th, 2017.

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