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While Disaster Recovery is a key part of Business Continuity planning, they are two very different animals. Unlike Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity considers all aspects of your business' operations, which makes having a rock solid Business Continuity plan in place essential for the future of your business.

Your Business Needs A Plan That Will Let You Keep Moving Forward, No Matter The Circumstances.

Business Continuity planning might seem like a daunting task, but if you start with the basics, you'll find putting together a top notch plan is simple.

There are six main steps involved in the planning process:

  1. Identify the scope of the plan
  2. Identify key business areas
  3. Identify critical functions
  4. Identify dependencies between various business areas and functions
  5. Determine acceptable downtime for each critical function
  6. Create a plan to maintain operations
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To help get your business on the right track, SSE Inc. has put together an eBook that goes over these steps in detail. We've also created a comprehensive checklist designed to make sure you don't miss a single important detail.

Fill out the from above to request your FREE copies of SSE Inc.'s How to Write and Establish a Proper Business Continuity Plan eBook and Business Continuity Planning Checklist.

The statistics don't lie – businesses that don't plan for crisis scenarios don't just have a hard time recovering; most don't survive these disasters at all.

Have questions? Contact us at sales@sseinc.com or (314) 439-4700. We're the IT professionals businesses in St. Louis trust.
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