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Cyber Security Education

Let Our Automated Security Awareness Program Elevate Your Company’s Overall IT and Cyber Security Wellness

Our “ASAP” model for Total Cyber Security training can get your office all on the same security page. Our methodology and automated (the “A” in ASAP) system will help catapult your company security training plans into a mature and multifaceted, total information security awareness program that will engender complete IT and cybersecurity wellness throughout your organization.

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Our IT expert-conceived security awareness training program includes individual survey responses and contains recommendations for specific training modules, videos and supporting materials as part of our bid to bring Total Cyber Security awareness policies to bear on companies of all shapes and sizes.

Empower Your Employees Through Knowledge & Education

A successful information security awareness program is essential to ensure your employees are empowered with the knowledge they need to protect your organization.

For while employees are your most important asset, they are at the same time your weakest link and your last line of defense in the fight against cybercrime. One of the best ways to make sure your employees won’t make costly errors regarding information security is to institute a company-wide security awareness training initiative.

Effective security awareness and training programs are multifaceted and are comprised of several stages or levels. For example, an effective security awareness training program will include:

  • Deployment of learning modules that cover topics critical to the organization, related to behavior, policy, or compliance expectations;
  • Simulated phishing and social engineering attacks so that employees are conditioned to look for red flags in any communication they receive;
  • Additional supportive messaging, information delivery methods, communication channels, and interactive activities so that your organization has the best chance to effectively develop a sustainable security mindset within each employee, job role, division, and region;
  • Knowledge and skills that are relevant and transferable to an employee’s personal life and overall security hygiene.

Get Cybersecurity ASAP Total Information Awareness Training

Our ASAP total information awareness training program covers these requirements and also accounts for the uniqueness of your organization based on your provided answers.

Need more information?  Download our brochure outlining SSE’s cyber education program.

Written by SSE Networks on November 29th, 2017.

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