My name is Greg Thornton and I work with St. Louis-area businesses like yours every day. Companies like yours that suffer from Computer frustration challenges on a daily basis. They have computer breakdowns that seem to follow them around, they can never shake off that nagging computer bug that hits them when they least expect it.

You have come to accept it…Computer disasters are just part of your everyday life.

Put an end to nagging computer issues, systems crashes, lost work and complete system meltdowns once and for all.

Here’s a secret:

No other computer services company in St. Louis will give you this valuable information. Why? They want you to call them when you have problems. Not me, I want everything to work so you never need to call me to fix another computer problem ever again.

This way we can focus on the more important technology items in your agenda.

You’re invited to attend my complimentary online seminar on May 30th at 3 PM Central Time.

My computer services experts will tell you FOUR things (and more) that you can do RIGHT NOW to rid yourself of computer system issues once for all. Learn:

  • Why Temporary Internet Files Must Go.
  • That a Little Re-Organization Doesn’t Hurt.
  • How Cleaning Up Your Hard Drives Will Make Life So Much Easier.
  • How to Do a Self-Checkup That Can Save You Headaches in The Future.

and so much more.

Register now for this FREE online computer class from SSE using the form above.

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