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Bob Plager, Datto, and a great time with staff and clients.

Number 5 in your program, number 1 in your hearts…this old hockey cliché rings true throughout St. Louis.

A few months ago, the team at SSE sat down and wanted to do something special for our team members, as well as for a number of our clients and a few “soon to be clients”. After much discussion and deliberation, we elected to take everyone out to a Blues game in the new year.

Bob Plager Jersey Retirement

Do we choose Chicago? Minnesota? Well… the Toronto Maple Leafs were coming to town and that was the one that jumped out at us. An original six dynasty who haven’t won the Stanley Cup since the Blues came into the league in 1967.

Great. We were set…but we were surprised with what happened next.

A few weeks before our event, the Blues called to let us know that that night was Bob Plager’s jersey retirement night. They were raising his Number 5 to the rafters at the Scottrade Center and will forever hang next to his brother Barclay Plager.

What a treat and what a pleasant surprise.

I wish we can say the same for many businesses in St. Louis who come into the office to find their business information encrypted thanks to ransomware, or their files potentially lost forever because of a system malfunction, or file deletion.

Our night out at the Blues/Leafs game was the perfect opportunity for us to bring some of our clients up to speed with what SSE is doing to ensure the protection of their business information. Michael DePalma from Datto was our guest for the evening and flew in from Connecticut to talk to the SSE team and some of our clients about how Datto helps protect their businesses from any sort of data loss or business interruption.

Data Backup St. Louis

You see… bad guys are out there and stuff happens every day. We need to make sure our clients are protected from anything that goes bump in the night.

The St. Louis Blues has systems in place to make sure they can still put a full lineup on the ice each and every night. Their bench, farm systems, and scouting ensures that the team is prepared for whatever happens. Your business needs the same level of protection.

Stuff will happen, are you prepared?

Are you prepared when the injury bug strikes?

The injury bug can plague professional sports teams but ransomware is the equivalent to the injury bug for businesses today and it can be disastrous, and we’re not even talking about the costs – disastrous to your business reputation and to your ability to help your clients.

Ransomware strikes at the heart of any business. SSE speaks with business from across St. Louis every day who are recovering from the impact of a ransomware strike. Actually, to be honest, many never fully recover.

SSE and Datto will help your company stay healthy and continue to win. Let’s chat. I welcome you to call me at (314) 439 -_4700 or email at info@sseinc.com to book a meeting.

Greg Thornton
SSE Inc.

Written by SSE Networks on February 9th, 2017.

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