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Basic Antivirus Tools and Backups Aren’t Enough

You Need a Viable Business Continuity Solution to Protect Your Data and Livelihood

Just because you have antivirus and backup doesn’t mean it is going to come through for you when someone is trying to hack you or you incur a ransomware attack.  Today’s businesses need to have a proper antivirus and business continuity solution (BC Plan) in place in addition to data backups. SSE Network Services helps St. Louis businesses get secure and backed-up, company-wide.

You know you need data backup, but when do you need a business continuity solution?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ll know that massive global ransomware attacks are only growing in scale and frequency. These attacks and other threats and accidents that cripple, ransom, or destroy organizations’ data are a convincing argument for a solid backup solution. Restoring from a data backup is often the only reliable way to recover from these events. Even smaller organizations and businesses know that they need some sort of backup solution now. But when do you need more than a regular data backup?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning are about making sure your company can quickly resume operations following a systems failure, natural disaster or other interruption.  A holistic approach is required to get your doors open and employees productive.

According to recent InformationWeek research, IT professionals polled about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are most concerned about protecting databases (68%), followed by email (45%), accounting data (39%) and network services (36%).

It is important to separate basic data protection from business continuity planning.  Most companies have some type of backup in place to provide basic data protection.  When data is lost in an isolated situation, such as a hard drive failure, virus infection, or a lost device, your local or online backup provides a reactive way to rapidly restore your data.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning provides a proactive plan to pragmatically reduce the risks of a disaster recovery scenario.

SSE Tech Pro Tip: Always use a leading-edge antivirus solution NOT a low-end business-grade antivirus tool.

The Right Kind of Data Backup

Generally, there are two types of backup solutions. The first type backs up your data (offsite, onsite, and/or in the cloud) and lets you restore it.

The second type anticipates disaster events (hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, and earthquakes), and goes beyond the basic type of backup solution. This second type is becoming the norm in the business world and will help you recover not just your data but also your business infrastructure.

For example, if a tornado destroys your physical office and your servers, your data may be safe, but you may not have machines to run it on. A simple recovery of your files and folders isn’t enough, in that case.

If your server fails unexpectedly on a Friday afternoon, say, how quickly will you be able to order a new server, get it delivered and set up, and then restore data to it and get your critical programs running again?

The truth is, it could take days.

And, with the average minute of downtime costing in the thousands of dollars, days of downtime just aren’t acceptable.

Backing up your data is not negotiable, but how you back it up is. And, you can’t afford to get this aspect of business computing wrong.

Luckily, SSE Network Services has all the answers you need to the questions of data backup, security, and business continuity. Don’t let any type of disaster foil your business fluidity – get the right business continuity plan and data backup solution St. Louis companies stake their futures on!

Do You Have a Choice When It Comes to a Business Continuity Solution?

The simple answer to this is, “Yes – one that works for your business, or one that doesn’t.” The other way to answer this question is, “No, you don’t.” You’ll know whether you need a business continuity solution when you consider two key questions of disaster planning:

  • How quickly do you need your data recovered? (This is your Recovery Time Objective or RTO.)
  • What is the maximum period of time you can afford to lose data from? (This is your Recovery Point Objective or RPO.)

Say, for example, that your answers are:

  • We need our data recovered within 4 hours to minimize business and productivity loss.
  • We can’t afford to lose more than a 2-hour chunk of data.

This is a high enough demand for availability and uptime that you need a solid business continuity solution. If you lose your server and have to wait a few business days to get a new one ordered and setup, you’ll be hurting because you’ve far exceeded your Recovery Time Objective.

How Does A BC Solution Help?

How does a business continuity (BC) solution help your business? A BC solution (BC plan, or BCP plan) will provide a way to failover and spin up your lost system. It can either do this on a physical on-site backup device or virtualized in the cloud. Instead of waiting days to recover a key piece of hardware, you can be up and running again in hours with our backup and BC planning solutions.

If you’re considering a data backup solution with a storage device anyway (such as a NAS), it’s worthwhile to spend a little more to beef up the hardware so you can virtualize and recover to it. Our business continuity solutions are flexible and customizable to meet your RTO, RPO, compliance, and storage space needs.

Taking care of your data these days is non-negotiable – an absolute top priority. With so many threats to your data – whether it’s hackers or natural disasters – it’s a good idea to look beyond basic data backup and consider your disaster recovery planning (DR planning). IT staff and business owners alike need to be involved in this planning, to determine how the right backup and recovery solution can meet your business objectives.

And, we take care of those who’ve been neglected by other St. Louis IT companies who make promises but can’t deliver.

Let Us Help Ramp-Up Your Backup and Business Continuity Solutions Now

SSE Network Services promotes end-user quarterly training and sound business continuity solutions to ensure proper security is in place alongside backups. Give us a call at (314) 439-4700 or email us at sales@sseinc.com for more information or to get started with your proper data backup and business continuity solution today.

Written by SSE Networks on January 8th, 2018.

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